Edgy Books Your Pre-Teen Will Love

Kids around the country are in love with these captivating, gritty YA stories.
Sep 13, 2021



Edgy Books Your Pre-Teen Will Love

Sep 13, 2021

As established independent readers, pre-teens begin to discover more about themselves, their interests, and the world we live in through what they read. These incredible books will mesmerize them with exciting stories that keep them hooked on reading throughout their teen years.

The books pre-teens read are formative, especially because most books talk about self-discovery and self-expression. For instance, Barakah Beats is a coming-of-age tale about Nimra, a twelve-year-old girl who is new to public school. In the book, she must choose between honoring her religion and family values or following her passion for music.

Meanwhile, Things We Couldn't Say is a story about a boy who tries to find answers about love — both family love and romantic love — and encounters many twists and turns along the way. And Riverdale Novel #1: The Day Before is based on the hit show Riverdale and has plenty of relatable characters. Your pre-teen will be eager to discuss the pop-culture refrences in the Riverdale series with their friends!

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