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Egg Carton Crafts

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March 28, 2018
Egg Carton Crafts

Egg cartons can be the basis for some fun crafts. To make colorful tulips, cut or pull each individual egg container from an egg carton; then cut that piece in the shape of a tulip, with jagged edges. Kids can decorate the tulips in their favorite colors, and let them dry. Gather green pipe cleaners to use as stems — kids can just glue them on to the tulip (with parental supervision, hot glue works best, but regular will also be fine). Another easy project: Separate four or more cups from your egg carton, keeping them connected. Ask kids to make two small holes in the front of one cup for antennae, and slip in a pipe cleaner. Kids can then add eyes and a mouth, and paint away to complete their caterpillars!


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