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Ultimate School Lunch Guide

Ultimate School Lunch Guide

It's that time of year--back to school--which means back to planning, prepping and packing brown-bag lunches. Let us take the pressure off!

Brilliant Lunch Ideas

Out of brown-bag school lunch ideas? Check out these easy, creative packed lunches your kids will love.
Kid only likes PB&J? Try these five clever ways to introduce new flavors in the lunch-box standby.
Swap that PB&J for turkey pinwheels, a new twist on ham and cheese, and other tasty treats.
Transform last night's dinner into a tasty school lunch your kid will actually eat!
Break out of a brown-bag rut with these fun twists on classic kid recipes.
Annabel Karmel has exciting new ideas for the classic lunchtime staple!
We found 12 cool and creative lunch boxes, ice packs, and more!

Healthy Options

Try these fresh ideas if you're stuck in a rut at lunchtime.
Try these easy swaps to make your child's healthy school lunches even better.
Get kids involved (and eating healthier) with these brown-bag updates.
Knowing what your child eats for lunch at school can help you make healthy choices for the entire family.
These colorful salad recipes from Annabel Karmel introduce new flavors while packing loads of vitamins and energy.


When your kid needs some fuel between meals, here's how to put together a healthy snack. Plus: How to tell if your kid is hungry or just... more
These small lunch recipes are healthy, delicious and so fun to eat!
Keep these easy homemade and store-bought options on hand for filling, healthy snacks for kids.
Raising money for your school never tasted so good!

Free Printables

Help your child learn to plan ahead with this simple and reusable printable.
Encourage your little foodie to design her ideal lunchbox.

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