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Parent Guide to Raising Kind & Compassionate Children

Parent Guide to Raising Kind & Compassionate Children

Help teach your child the importance of being caring and compassionate with these ideas for making a difference.



When it comes to kindness, you are your child’s primary teacher. Here’s how to bring out his warmth.
Teach politeness in the preschool years.
Little kids with big hearts can make a difference one small action at a time, starting in their own backyards.
Guide your kids toward community service to help them discover priceless life lessons.
Each of us can make a difference. If we can help just one or two children, the multiplier effect means that one simple action can make a real impact.
Notice — and encourage — your child's random acts of kindness.
diverse group of children running outdoors
Help your child learn to live and play in a diverse world.
The potential for lifelong joy is inside every child. Here's how to bring it out.
Know the facts about bullying, even if you don’t think it affects your child.
Add a multicultural twist to your holiday with activities that teach your child about other traditions.
Teach your child to love helping others in need.
Try these practical tips for fostering kindness, caring, and compassion in your family.
Learn how to capitalize on your kindergartner’s fascination with manners.


Teach your child to love helping others in need.
Volunteering offers many benefits for kids — and the people they serve. Find out which option works best for your family.
Give your child the greatest gift of all — learning how to help others.
Spark inspiration, imagination, generosity, and passion in your child with these ideas for community service, kid-style.
Spread holiday cheer and teach your kids the meaning of the season.
Teach your children the joys of caring, and show them the true meaning of the season.
Your child can make thank-you cards for special people in the neighborhood.
Lift the flaps of this paper house to see the whole family!

Book Lists

Help your independent readers learn valuable lessons in gratitude with these fun titles. They'll thank you for the book suggestions!
Encourage your child to be kind and accepting with these hand-selected titles from Scholastic librarian Deimosa Webber-Bey.
During Women's History Month -- or any month -- share these books about compelling historical figures with your child.
Use these rich, diverse picture books to teach your child important life lessons, like the importance of kindness and compassion.
The beloved characters and "just-like-me" kids in these titles will help your preschooler learn important lessons about good manners.
Teach courtesy, thoughtfulness, and respect this month with these titles that reinforce good conduct.
Expose your early readers to the many ways they can express gratitude with these sure-to-please titles.
Any time is a good time to get kids inspired to make a difference!

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