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Parenting Tips and Advice on Raising Toddlers and Kids

Springtime To-Dos

These cool outdoor activities will keep kids smiling no matter the forecast.
Sneak some exercise into their lives with games that include a healthy dose of running.
Get your house in tip-top shape with a built-in crew: your kids!
Earth Day, which falls on April 22 this year, reminds us to value our relationship with nature. Here’s how to build on that idea.

Comfort Food

Follow our lead to turn your yard into an outdoor wonderland that's guaranteed to keep kids playing ‘til the sun goes down.
It’s a LONG vacation. Here’s how to make sure your kids don’t lose touch with their class pals.
Keep our list of great tunes and apps on hand for rainy days or long drives.
Get inspired with 7 awesome ways beat "brain drain" this summer.
These boredom busters offer a great way to work in some skill-building during the school break.
Calm camp fears and cure complaints so your kid can get on with the fun.
Get ready to drench them in fun with these water-friendly playthings.
Feeling a little iffy about your camping skills? Relax. All you need is a solid plan, sturdy gear, and a sense of adventure.

Health and Development

From roadside accidents to school shootings, scary events happen every day. Learn how to discuss them so kids understand — and feel safe, too.
Some babies are prone to developing flat spots on their head. These three simple steps can keep little skulls symmetrical.
There’s a lot of magic behind all that make-believe. Our guide helps you understand and foster it at every age and stage.
American kids tend to eat a lot — but that doesn’t mean they’re eating well. Our simple plan will help you get your child on track.

Our Favorite Books and Reading Activities

What to look for when selecting a high-tech title.
We've got four powerful reasons to work poetry for children into your storytime rotation.
Reading is critical to your child’s success. Our surefire picks and expert tips will teach your kid to love books.
We have great book suggestions sorted by genre to fit every kid.

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