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Back-to-School Survival Guide

Back-to-School Survival Guide

Whether your kid is a first-timer or an old hand, our resources will make sure he gets a running start on the new semester.

Prep Like a Pro

This school success plan will set your child up for her best year yet!
Read up on what to expect when your child enters pre-kindergarten.
Is your kid going to kindergarten? Here's what you can expect for the year to get him ready!
Get a sneak peek at what your child will learn and do in first grade.
Here's what your second-grader will learn in school. Plus, discover the social-development milestones he'll hit this year.
Here's a preview of the skills, lessons, and challenges your kid (and you!) will face in third grade.
Here's how you can expect your child to learn and develop in fourth grade.
Fifth grade is a big year for kids! Find out what skills, lessons, and challenges to expect.
How to get your child ready for their first bus ride without you.
Try the PACK system from Donna Goldberg, educational consultant and director of The Organized Student:

Smoother School Year 101

There’s no better time than September to begin building good habits — starting with smoothing morning madness.
Move over, soccer. Kids are whipping up all kinds of extracurricular fun with these exciting activities!
Not sure about splurging for a tutoring center? Our guide makes it easy to pick the one that fits your kid’s learning needs.
We scoured the country for fun, creative fundraisers that go beyond the bake sale — and are still a relative breeze to pull off.
A great year isn't just about good grades! We asked school staffers to share what teachers want parents to know.

Simple School Prob Solutions

Is teacher terminology stumping you? We explain the new lingo -- like fist-to-five -- in plain English.
Our mom and teacher advice will help you sidestep common pre-K snafus so you and your child can both begin the year happy.
It can be hard when your child is in a class without his friends. Here, a Ph.D., a kid, and a mom offer advice on making new friends.
Setting up good parent-teacher communication is instrumental to your child's school success. Here's how to team up with your kid's teacher.
When time is short during your child's school lunch period, here's how to speed up eating so he can get a full meal.

Homework Helpers

These 19 amazing family apps help with homework, chores, scheduling and more.
Load up your kids’ device with these 17 expert-approved reading and book apps and see how quickly your children turn into little e-bookworms!
Fun downloads for your curious kid!
Hitting the books shouldn’t feel like a test for kids or parents. Here's a smoother way to help with homework.

Gear to Get

Gear up for the trendiest back to school experience ever with anything-but-basic notebooks, pencil cases, and more.

Find Just-Right Books