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Fun-in-the-Sun Activities

Fun-in-the-Sun Activities

Take learning on the road or make discoveries right in your backyard. These ideas will help your child explore, learn, and play all summer long.

Thinking While it's Hot

Let our guide make your next family vacation the real deal!
Learn 6 ways to combine summer fun and learning.
Make the last few weeks before school lets out a fun, fantastic time for you and your child with these five smile-inducing ideas.
Uncover the math learning opportunities of this classic summer activity.
Plan field trips that are close to home, cost little, and instill civic pride.
Making plans for your tween is a summer essential.

Reading and Writing

Try this super summer reading project: study an author who celebrates a summer birthday.
Summer’s leisurely pace is a hot time to build your child’s interest in books. Here’s how to do it.
Three easy activities build writing skills now and prepare your child for school this fall.


Cook up some summer fun with this fruity, bright pink treat!
Teach science with these tasty, fruity concoctions.
Our frosty frozen fruit treats are a refreshing snack and a super science experiment.

Science and Nature

Whoosh! This great craft will teach your child the power of a summer breeze.
Guide your child’s curiosity outdoors and open up a love of science.
Kids love digging holes and building castles with sand, but this ancient play stuff is packed with possibilities that go beyond the pail.
Keep learning all season by heading outdoors into nature's classroom.
Get going with these easy, creative ideas for fun and educational family field trips.

Arts and Crafts

Make the most of the season with our pretty and playful crafts.
Chronicle vacation days and create a book of warm memories to share in any season.
Bring the summer sun indoors with this colorful craft.
Easy and inventive ways to make awesome items out of empty water bottles
Finders keepers: Everything your child needs for art and science projects is at his fingertips.
Three recipes for playful, pliable summer learning fun

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