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Keep Your Kids Reading All Summer Long!

Keep Your Kids Reading All Summer Long!

Motivate your kids with great book recommendations, foster a love of reading during the summer months, and keep your child's skills sharp all year long with the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge.

Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge Resources

Page-Turning Summer Book Lists for Every Age & Theme

Summer Reading Challenge Activities

Summer Reading Tips & Videos

Check out these 7 children's book destinations you can visit.
You and your kids will love to try these 5 fun crafts inspired by awesome books.
Follow these 5 ideas for reading outdoors with your kids this summer.
This reading checklist will ensure that car time is quality reading-together time.
If the weather is not cooperating and you can't go outside, set up camp indoors with a cozy reading fort.
Gather up your kids and their friends this summer and host a reading-under-the-stars-themed party.
The magical night sky is the perfect playground for your child's imagination.

More Summer Book Lists

Experts recommend these baby-friendly tales and board-book editions of classic stories to start your child on the road to reading.
Warm days are the perfect time to curl up under a shady tree with your pre-reader and one of these sunny picture books!
Get kids giggling with fun tales perfect for read alouds!
Surprising and interactive, these pop-up books will have your early elementary readers leaping with excitement.
Have the summertime blues? Get your reading prescription filled with tales from everyone's favorite doctor!
Classic characters can become lifelong pals to early readers.
Bring your family together with these celebrated tales that appeal to all ages.
If it creeps and crawls your little one is sure to love it!
Whether your grade-schooler is going away or camping in the backyard, these tales will inspire them.
Your kids will want to savor these great series books all summer long.
Fill a boring day or boost a flagging mood with these laugh-out-loud titles.
Whether on the sandy shore or a comfy couch - these reads are sure to help independent readers fill their summer days with excitement.
Discover mysteries seen and unseen with fiction and nonfiction about the natural world, biology, chemistry, and more.
Whether your adolescent is a starting pitcher or simply a devoted fan, these novels, histories, and reference books will hit a grand slam.
Whether at the beach, in the park or in their room - these exciting tales will place your tween on the road to adventure.
Here's a list of beloved time-tested novels and often-controversial classics that have become reading rites of passage.

Reading Motivation That Works

Find out how to encourage summer reading.
Find parent-tested tips for encouraging your child to read all summer long.
Summer’s leisurely pace is a hot time to build your child’s interest in books. Here’s how to do it.

Pick the Right Books for Your Child

Get book recommendations to build a library of titles your child will remember forever.
Learn how to pick titles for babies and toddlers.
Find the best books for your pre-reader’s budding library.
Select the best reads for early elementary schoolers.
Tempt your preteen with a range of reading materials.
Reading lists: Expand the literary horizons of your book-lover with great reading lists.
Inspire a love for reading with children's books that will interest your child and suit his skills.

Reading Help

Use these helpful sleuthing techniques to crack the code of reading.
Savor special story times — they are good for you and your kids.
Give your beginning reader a boost with lots of shared reading.
Why etiquette and politeness may breed good reading skills.
What happens at that magical moment when your child grasps the amazing power of words?
Use audio books to bring life and depth to your child’s reading experience.

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