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The Guide to Ages 0-2

The Guide to Ages 0-2

Use this guide to learn about the development and books and resources that help the development of your 0- to 2-year-old.

Use this guide to explore the development of your 0-2 year old. Plus, check out the books and resources below that support the development of your 0- to 2-year-old.

Developmental Checklist and Milestones

Use this guide to learn about the development, and books and resources that help the development of your 0- to 2-year-old.
Learn about the rapid developmental growth that occurs in a baby’s first year, especially, children’s thinking abilities, or cognition.
Learn everyday ways to help foster your child’s future academic growth.
Learn how to introduce your children to books and help build a strong foundation for their reading skills.
Learn strategies and activities to help your child develop foundational skills for writing.
Your child’s language skills will develop rapidly between 0- and 2-years old. Learn how you can help foster this growth.
Learn how your child develops creativity and help your little one’s imagination grow.
Babies are born social creatures. Learn how to help your child’s social skills flourish.

Activities that Support Developmental Growth

Help your growing child learn about the surrounding world with these fun and educational activities.
Help foster your child’s creativity and imagination with these fun toy activities.
Try these hands on activities that help children explore the sense of touch.
Engage your child’s sense of smell with these fun activities that explore the senses.
Help your child learn about different sounds with these exciting and engaging activities.
Try these delicious activities that will help babies and toddlers learn about their sense of taste.
Use the following activities to help your little ones explore their sense of vision.
Help your active child learn with these tremendous activities that explore the world of vehicles.

Best Book Recommendations for this Age Group

Overwhelmed by endless amount of books and learning resources for your children? Follow this guide.
Help your children explore their senses of sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing with these fun titles.
Use these popular book series to introduce your child to the world of reading.
Check out these book picks that will help turn your child into a little book-lover.

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