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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Try these tools and tips for a sweet, safe, and not too-scary Halloween.

Costumes You Can Make

If you've got a cardboard box, you can make these creative kid costumes for Halloween!
These DIY Halloween costumes are easy to make — and they can easily be turned into a second getup with some tweaks.
What's a more perfect pair than a parent and child? Dress up together for Halloween with these cool costume ideas!
Simple templates create an endless variety of costumes.
For Halloween or any time of year, bring books alive with these cute outfits.
Top off your child's Halloween costume with some hilarious hair.

Halloween Treats

Treat your brood of little goblins to these ghoulish Halloween treats. They’re perfect for a creepy classroom bash — and devilishly easy!
We’ve got the lowdown on the good and the bad in your kiddo’s Halloween candy haul. (Don’t worry, there’s plenty of sweet among the treats!)
Try these spook-tacular Halloween recipes to delight your little ghouls and goblins at dinner, dessert, or your next Halloween bash.
The “rock star” chef of The Food Network shares delicious, sparkling desserts.

Creepy Crafts and Activities

We’ve got seven spooky ideas for family-friendly Halloween decorations — with directions that won’t scare you.
These scary easy crafts for kids will keep your little monsters busy with Halloween decorations, party activities, and quiet play.
Why should kids have all the costume fun? Gussy up some pumpkin faces (no carving necessary) with these 8 easy get-ups.
Plan a fall weekend getaway (and some prime-time leaf peeping!) around one of these fun, activity-packed festivals.
Set the Halloween mood with games and activities that will have kids howling for more.
Make a Halloween pumpkin with your baby.
Add some spooky homemade fun to your family's Halloween.
Boost your Halloween's spooky factor with these flying friends.

Halloween-Inspired Book Lists

Share these not-too-spooky children's books with your baby or toddler.
Get into a not-so-spooky mood with these age-appropriate Halloween books for preschoolers.
Get your 5-7 year old in the ghoulish spirit with these fun tales.
At Halloween or any time of year, feast on these not-so-frightening tales.
Boo! These Halloween and horror tales are just right for beginning and independent readers who want a terrifying (but not too terrifying) tale.
These picture books about Halloween will delight your kids without frightening them.
"Bone up" on these top 10 fiction and non-fiction skeleton-themed reads for your child.
If your middle-schooler has a penchant for spooky stories, try these terrifying titles.
Your kids like scary? These books will have them shaking in their boots!
Hook your child on books with spooky and spine-tingling tales.
Introduce your independent reader to the spooky and funny world created by the master spine-tingler himself, R.L. Stine.

Halloween Printables

Get kids into the Halloween spirit with this freaky Frankenstein coloring page.
No need for a carving knife! Kids can color any silly or spooky face they want onto this fun pumpkin coloring page for Halloween.
What color should a werewolf be? Kids can have fun deciding with this fun Halloween coloring page.
Is she a good witch or a bad witch? Kids will have a spooky fun time decorating this Halloween coloring page!
Dracula "vants" you to have a spooky Halloween! It's easy to celebrate with this fun, free printable coloring page.
Can your child solve this crossword puzzle using Halloween vocabulary words?
Try this Halloween activity with your children. Grab some dice and have your kids roll their way to a spooky story.
Your child will enjoy this not-too-spooky coloring sheet featuring Clifford the Big Red Dog.
Teach your child about graphing with this printable connect-the-dots activity.
Follow this step-by-step guidelines to doodling Frankenstein. From: Doodle Faces
Give your child a quick science lesson with this look at the human skeleton.

Your Halloween Questions, Answered!

Share fun facts about Halloween history with your kids before the spooky holiday!
Costume woes and friend drama don’t have to ruin your family’s Halloween. We have scary-easy advice for your trickiest situations.
Author and performer Donna Washington shares age-appropriate storytelling tips.
These tips will help you tackle the Halloween sugar overload before, after, and during trick-or-treating.

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