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Parent Guide to Making Math Fun

Parent Guide to Making Math Fun

Mix up your child's math routine with fun games, math-tastic printables, and apps perfect for math time fun.

Creative Math Games

Try these fun activities to keep your kids engaged and learning math on road trips.
These dice games help strengthen number recognition, base 10 understanding, and addition and subtraction skills.
These dice games can help kids practice math facts, and develop a stronger understanding of whole numbers, fraction, and decimals.
This family-friendly game will help your children practice and reinforce their multiplication skills.
Try these 4 innovative ideas to increase number sense using dominoes.
These activities will help your children become flexible with numbers and develop a deeper understanding of the Base 10 System.
Try these activities to help your child grow a better understanding of geometry — at every age.
One box of chalk can yield six lively activities that build your child's math and literacy skills.
This fun, equipment-free math game can be played at any level to support number sense and number awareness.
Math War is a fun and easy way to get kids to work on their facts daily or weekly.
Help children build their number sense with this easy and fun game.
The first player who clears his game board wins.
Learn easy, challenging, and most importantly fun games to help your 2nd grade math student.
This flexible math game can be played at all levels to help build number sense with both small and large numbers.
Try these games and activities using dominoes to increase your child's understanding of basic math operations, as well as fractions and decimals.
Your kids will love to play these games with you all summer long.
Consider spicing up your family game night with a focus on math.
Try these games and activities at home to boost your child's fraction knowledge.
Many teachers are moving away from timed tests in the classroom and relying on math facts to be practiced weekly at home.
Reinforce your 7-10 year-old's understanding of place value — and practice addition and subtraction — with this dice-based game.

Apps for Mini Mathematicians

Use these learning apps to help your child have fun while improving math skills.
P&C tech expert Warren Buckleitner, Ph.D., editor of Children’s Technology Review, picks the best numbers apps for kids.
Naming shapes — as well as drawing and playing with them — is important for your child's growing understanding of math.
These recommended apps will help your child build numeracy and get comfortable with counting.
Make your child's screen time educational and avoid the summer slide with these skill-boosting apps.

Math-tastic Printables

Your child can practice multiplication with these times tables problem cards.
Help kids to create their own game of multiplication bingo with this blank sheet.
Use this Ten Frame model worksheet to practice math for kindergarten and first grade.
How many shapes can your child find? Ask him to find as many as he can in this boat and submarine!
Help your child understand geometry with this fun printable activity.
Your child will love solving this riddle by working out fraction problems.
Your child will think math is fun with this printable activity sheet.
Help your child develop math skills with this printable activity sheet focusing on decimals.
This printable activity sheet is the perfect way to introduce math to your child.
This easy, printable math sheet will help young children count and color 20 butterflies.
Keep the learning going this summer with a fun place value activity.
Help your kids practice their math this summer. To keep practicing with different numbers, just re-print printable, and change the numbers on the sheet.
Keep your kids' math minds sharp this summer by filling in the missing number for each addition/subtraction equation.
This printable worksheet will help your child learn to count to 100.
Teach your child about graphing with this printable connect-the-dots activity.
Teach your child about geometry by searching for and drawing every day shapes.
Teach your child about graphing with this festive connect-the-dots activity.
Help your child learn about different ways to read numbers with this Halloween-inspired matching activity.
Your child can learn how to solve fractions with these 10 tasty word problems that combine math practice with cooking.
Encourage your child's math skills with this printable activity sheet inspired by weather types.
Your child can learn how to read digital and analog clocks with the help of these time-telling snowmen and a fun matching activity.
Help your child solve for b in each equation and then connect the dots in this printable that combines baseball and algebra.

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