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Read Aloud Tips and Strategies

Read Aloud Tips and Strategies

Find ways to encourage family read-aloud with quick tips, fun activities, and book recommendations for kids of all ages.

The benefits of reading aloud to your children are many, from bonding with your children to helping them strengthen skills in writing, listening, creativity, and more. According to Scholastic’s 6th edition Kids and Family Reading Report, the frequency of children being read aloud to at home drops sharply after age 5, again after age 8, and again after age 11 -- and 87% of children aged 6-11 told us they want their parents to continue reading aloud to them. Try these resources to keep your reading bond strong with your kids.

Book Lists

Bring your family together with these celebrated tales that appeal to all ages.
Strengthen the bond between little ones and their grandparents with these charming titles.
Treat your child to stories in verse and poetry collections that make learning to read a delight.
Too young for Hogwarts? These read-alones and read-alouds are just the thing for wizards-in-waiting.
Whether you want to encourage your beginning reader to dream, help him work things out, or teach him about the world, these series are perfect.
These read-alouds are the perfect way to get your 3- to 5-year-old giggling.
These characters and their stories stimulate imaginations and build the confidence needed to face academic and social challenges.
Check out these charming, lively, and touching tales for 3-7 year-olds that celebrate fathers.
Prepare your child for a good night's sleep with these nighttime favorites.
Tune your little one's ears to the magical cadences of rhyming tales.
Fairy tales are ideal bedtime stories for 3- to 10-year-olds. These books are a great way to enjoy classic stories like Goldilocks and Rapunzel.
Shel Silverstein's masterful collections of poems and drawings are at once outrageously funny and profound -- beloved by children of all ages.
Pass along the love of reading by reading aloud with your kids every day!
Check out our curated list from Scholastic librarian Deimosa Webber-Bey, beginning with books for your toddler all the way up to your independent... more

Read-Aloud Resources

Your family's days are jam-packed, but there are still moments to enjoy reading with your child. Get started with these great ideas.
Discover how a starting a family book club — with relatives near or far — can encourage reading together and connecting over great books.
Find out why there’s no better time than the present to jump-start reading aloud to your kids.
Try these tips for enriching your young child’s reading experience.
Help your child learn without stifling confidence or turning reading time into a chore.
Your kids are never “too old” for read alouds
Read with Your Elementary Schooler
The task may seem small, but the payoff is big.
Give your early reader a boost with three crucial steps.
The key to a successful read-aloud? We've got it.
Tips and tricks to keep bedtime reading fresh and effective.
The "Family 20" will change your family's reading life.
Has your family had a rotten day? Get rid of the grumbles by sharing a funny book with your child.
Use these strategies to revamp your family's read-aloud time.
Find even more reasons why it’s crucial to read to your child — of any age!

Find Just-Right Books