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Making $ense of Money

Making $ense of Money

Inspire life-long financial responsibility by teaching your child about how money works.

Books Lists

Sometimes, the perfect book can help you tackle the most difficult issues with your little reader. Here are our picks for 4-8.
Making sense of economic issues with your kids can be difficult. Use these books to impart an understanding of what's going on in the world.

How-to-Help Resources

Wall Street. Main Street. Unemployment. Recession. How do you discuss them with your children — if at all?
Broach this sensitive topic with an open mind, and ask lots of questions.
Help your child develop the skills for coping with life’s difficult times.
Find out how to ease your preteen’s fears.
Today's economy presents a golden opportunity to teach your kids about the value of a dollar.
Francie Alexander teaches parents how to talk to kids about money.
It's not just about dollars and cents. Give your kids opportunities to spend, save, and discuss what money means.

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