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Parent Guide to Bullying

Parent Guide to Bullying

Bullying is a main source of violence in school. Parents play a vital role in recognizing signs, supporting courage, and helping their child.

Anti-Bully Book Lists

Build confidence and understanding with these stories of strength, courage and acceptance.
Build confidence and understanding with these stories of strength, courage, and acceptance.
Use these books to start a conversation with your 6th-8th grader about bullies and bullying.
October is Bullying Prevention Month, so pick up one or more of these books now.
Whether you're hanging out or even having it out, there's nothing like friendship. These books explore what it means to be a good friend.
These memorable picture books inspire self-confidence and reinforce a can-do spirit through humor and honesty.

Warning Signs & Help

Know the facts about bullying, even if you don’t think it affects your child.
Girls as young as 3 use social aggression to hurt others. Find out how to short-circuit this behavior early.
Get advice on how to protect your child from the school bully.
Use these simple strategies to help your child treat others with kindness.
If your child is having trouble with other children at school, here are some tips to help solve these peer problems.
Teach your child the importance of tolerance and respect.
Find strategies to help your child succeed in elementary school.
How to help your child cope with the hurtful words, gossip, and falsehoods that can spread during the preteen years.
When your child is aggressive, keep discipline fresh by tweaking old tactics to fit new circumstances.

Bullying in Cyberspace

Get involved to make sure your child knows the risks, as well as the rewards, of the Internet.
Help your child deal with bullies in the virtual world.

Find Just-Right Books