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Adventure Awaits!

Adventure Awaits!

Our guide is packed with ideas and activities to help your family have their most memorable seasons yet. Let’s get outside and play!

Backyard Blast!

With these little adventures in your back pocket, the kids won’t ever have the chance to be bored!
Get together with your best mom friends and their daughters to create your own amazing race. The prize? Memories to last a lifetime.
Get ready to put your supply of water guns, buckets, and even plastic cups to use in hilariously fun ways!
Grab any size ball, head outdoors, and let the fun begin!
Here’s what you need to stock up on this summer! These awesome outdoor toys will inspire creativity and activity all season long.
You played ’em when you were a kid — now it’s your child’s turn to have fun. Pick one of these kid-pleasers and try it on your gang this evening!

Outdoor Crafts & Activities

These sweet gardening activities bring the outdoors in (and sneak in a little science, too).
Colorful, classy, kid-friendly art projects that celebrate the season.
With a few supplies from around the house, you’ll have everything you need for an afternoon of creativity!
Teach your children about the wonders of their sense of smell with these scentacular ideas!
Follow our lead to turn your yard into an outdoor wonderland that's guaranteed to keep kids playing ‘til the sun goes down.
Suggest these 3 easy experiments that will give kids a lesson in biology and physics.

Vacation Fun

We've put together 20 amazing destinations that'll give you your yearly dose of sunshine, fresh air, and a whole lot more!
6 ways to bring your trip home with you—no souvenirs required!
Grab summer by the handlebars with a cycling adventure the whole family will love.
If your child loves animals, they'll go wild for these vacation picks that'll let them get close and personal with the critters.

Printable To-Dos

Help them color in their very own tea party place mat.
Make the most out of your camping trip by filling out this checklist together.
Will the ant reach the cupcake? Help him find the way!
Help your child use this printable to make a map of the night sky! Help them point out the constellations.

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