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Fast-Paced Football Fiction

Is your 8- to 10-year-old child a major football fan? Future quarterbacks will enjoy these action-packed football-themed stories.
Cover image for Kickoff!
by Tiki Barber , Paul Mantell , Ronde Barber

When twelve-year-old twins Tiki and Ronde Barber make the third string of their junior high football team, they find themselves working hard to prove themselves on and off the field.

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Cover image for Touchdown for Tommy
Touchdown for Tommy
by Matt Christopher , Foster Caddell
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Cover image for Comeback Kids: Two-Minute Drill
Comeback Kids: Two-Minute Drill
by Mike Lupica
In this second installment of Mike Lupica's new "Comeback Kids" series, Chris Conlan is the coolest kid in sixth grade and the quarterback of the football team. Scott Parry is the new kid — a brainiac. These two boys may seem like an odd couple, but each has a secret that draws him to the other.
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Cover image for Game Day
Game Day
by Tiki Barber , Ronde Barber Illustrated by Barry Root
Ronde and Tiki are a team. They are twins, they are each other's best friends and biggest fans, and they play on the same football team, the Cave Spring Vikings.
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Cover image for Win One For The Gipper
Win One For The Gipper
by Kathy-Jo Wargin Illustrated by Bruce Langton
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Cover image for Football Fugitive
Football Fugitive
by Matt Christopher , Larry A. Johnson
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