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Little readers will be thrilled by stories about our planet and the people who care about it.
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by Craig Hatkoff

When Knut was born, the first polar bear cub at the Berlin Zoo in more than thirty years, he was no bigger than a snowball and unable to care for himself. His mother, a rescued East German circus bear, didn't know how to take care of Knut and rejected him.

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Cover image for Why Should I Recycle?
Why Should I Recycle?
Series: Why Should I?
by Jen Green Illustrated by Mike Gordon

What if everybody threw away old bottles and newspapers, littering the world with glass and plastic and tin cans that should be recycled and made into new products? Mr. Jones is a teacher who sets a good example for kids by separating his trash for recycling.

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Cover image for The Lorax
The Lorax
Series: Dr. Seuss
by Dr. Seuss

"Unless someone like you...cares a whole awful lot...nothing is going to get better... It's not."

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Cover image for MSB Science Reader: Gets Recycled
MSB Science Reader: Gets Recycled
by Anne Capeci

Ms. Frizzle's class is holding a recycling drive. But when Phoebe loses her necklace, the kids hop on the bus to track it down. You'll never guess what happens when the class gets to the recycling center!

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Cover image for A Color of His Own
A Color of His Own
by Leo Lionni Illustrated by Leo Lionni

Elephants are gray. Pigs are pink. Tigers have black and orange stripes. It seems that every animal has its own distinctive color, except the chameleon. And that makes the little chameleon hero of this picture book very sad. Every time he moves, he changes color!

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Cover image for Incredible Animal Adventures
Incredible Animal Adventures
by Jean Craighead George Illustrated by Donna Diamond
Balto the sled dog raced over the Arctic to bring life-saving medicine to an Alaskan town stricken with diphtheria. Sugar, an ordinary house cat with an extraordinary sense of direction, traveled 1,500 miles on a cross-country odyssey in search of her human family.
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