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Books for Boys: Reluctant Readers Grades 1-2

These fun and entertaining stories are perfect for struggling boy readers.
Cover image for Boy with the Helium Head
Boy with the Helium Head
by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Meet Jonathan, a small seven-year-old boy with big feet and a big problem--he thinks that eight-year-old Duke Duncan is going to beat him up. A mix-up at the doctor's office gives Jonathan the means to avoid Duke, but how long can he keep it up?
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Cover image for Commander Toad in Space
Commander Toad in Space
Series: Commander Toad
by Jane Yolen Illustrated by Bruce Degen

Can Commander Toad Save the Day?

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Cover image for A Flying Birthday Cake
A Flying Birthday Cake
Series: Marvin Redpost, Book #6
by Louis Sachar Illustrated by Amy Wummer

This isn't your average sleepover party! The ground is very hard in Nick Tuffle's backyard, and Marvin can't sleep. He's eaten too much cake and drunk too much punch. Suddenly the earth starts to shake. He hears a humming noise, and something zooms across the sky in a bright flash.

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Cover image for Grandpa's Teeth
Grandpa's Teeth
by Rod Clement Illustrated by Rod Clement

Grandpa's teeth, which were handmade by the finest Swiss craftsmen, have been stolen! Officer Rate arrives on the crime scene to investigate. He puts up "Wanted" posters for the missing teeth and rounds up the usual subjects. Grandpa even goes on the famous TV show Unsolved Crimes. But the crime remains unsolved.

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Jimmy Zangwow's Out-Of-This-World Moon-Pie Adventure
by Tony DiTerlizzi Illustrated by Tony DiTerlizzi
When his mother refuses to give him a Moon Pie, Jimmy takes a trip on his flying jalopy to get some from Mr. Moon. Jimmy shares his snacks with nine hundred ninety-nine Mars Men and returns home just in time for dinner with help from the Grimble Grinder.
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Cover image for Porkenstein
by Kathryn Lasky Illustrated by David Jarvis

Dr. Smart Pig is a famous inventor, but tonight he is terribly lonely. A year ago, both of his brothers were eaten by the Big Bad Wolf, and tomorrow is Halloween. What fun trick-or-treating when you're all alone? Suddenly, Dr. Smart Pig has a brilliant idea.

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Cover image for Poultrygeist
by Mary Jane Auch , Herm Auch
Rudy and Ralph are two noisy young roosters who are bothersome to Sophie the pig and Clarissa the cow. When a poultrygeist appears in the barn and frightens the animals, it is a test to see if the two roosters can change their ways.
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Cover image for The Toy Brother
The Toy Brother
by William Steig Illustrated by William Steig
An apprentice alchemist finds that his despised kid brother is the only one who can help him when he concocts a potion which makes him the size of a peanut.
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