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Books About Bullying: Grades 3-5

Build confidence and understanding with these stories of strength, courage, and acceptance.
Cover image for Super Emma
Super Emma
by Sally Warner Illustrated by Jamie Harper
In this third book about Emma, the petite and shy third-grader surprises even herself when she stands up to the class bully, Jared.
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Cover image for Secret Identity
Secret Identity
by Wendelin Van Draanen Illustrated by Brian Biggs

Alvin Bixby: Hulking, knuckles of steel, hideous breath, foul temper. Kids call him: Bubba.

Nolan Byrd: Puny, power walker, math genius, can't keep shoes tied. Kids call him: Nerd.

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Cover image for Jake Drake, Bully Buster
Jake Drake, Bully Buster
by Andrew Clements Illustrated by Amanda Harvey , Janet Pedersen

As a bully-magnet, fourth-grader Jake has learned a lot about bullies. He knows what to do, and what not to do, when being bullied. Learn how Jake tamed one bully in the second grade when he was forced to do a social studies project with him.

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Cover image for The Dodgeball Chronicles
The Dodgeball Chronicles
Series: Knights of the Lunch Table, Book #1
by Frank Cammuso

Artie King just wants to ease into life at Camelot Middle School.  He's got new lunch buddies, Percy and Wayne, and his science teacher, Mr. Merlyn, is pretty cool.  But then there's scary Principal Dager and big bad Joe and The Horde, a bunch of brawny bullies who rule the school.

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Cover image for The Bully from the Black Lagoon
The Bully from the Black Lagoon
by Mike Thaler Illustrated by Jared D. Lee

A new look for the bestselling "Black Lagoon" series!

Hubie has heard there's a new kid in school. His name is Butch Pounder, and he's rumored to be a mean bully! Did Butch really beat up the football team, and eat the teacher's pet at his last school?

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Cover image for Bozo the Clone
Bozo the Clone
Series: Zack Files, Book #10
by Dan Greenburg Illustrated by Jack E. Davis
Fifth-grader Zack has a problem with bullies! At a flea market, he finds a magical box that makes a super-strong Zack clone. After the clone deals with the bullies, he takes Zack's place at school and becomes an even bigger problem.
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Cover image for Big Bad Bruce
Big Bad Bruce
by Bill Peet
Bruce, a bear bully, never picks on anyone his own size until he is diminished in more ways than one by a small but very independent witch.
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Cover image for Agnes Parker...Girl in Progress
Agnes Parker...Girl in Progress
by Kathleen O'Dell

Eleven-year-old Agnes Parker isn't the class outcast or its queen bee — which is okay except that sometimes the middle just seems — really — ordinary. But this year, Agnes is determined to become a whole new person. Maybe not a whole new person exactly, but just a better version of the girl she's always been.

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