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September 11 Fiction Books

Help your children understand the 9/11 terrorist attacks through realistic fiction. Our picks can help you get started.
Cover image for Love is the Higher Law
Love is the Higher Law
by David Levithan
"First there is a Before, and then there is an After..."
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Cover image for I Survived the Attacks of September 11, 2001
I Survived the Attacks of September 11, 2001
Series: I Survived, Book #6
by Lauren Tarshis Illustrated by Scott Dawson

On the day that shocks the world, one boy just wants to find his dad. A powerful addition to the gripping I Survived series.

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Cover image for Jackie's Wild Seattle
Jackie's Wild Seattle
by Will Hobbs
How do you rescue a wild coyote trapped in an elevator in a downtown Seattle office building? How do you save an injured baby seal at the bottom of a cliff with the tide coming in? Fourteen-year-old Shannon Young, visiting from New Jersey, is about to find out.
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Cover image for Ask Me No Questions
Ask Me No Questions
by Marina Budhos

Nadira and her family are illegal aliens, fleeing to the Canadian border — running from the country they thought was their home. For years since emigrating from Bangladesh, they have lived on expired visas in New York City, hoping they could someday realize their dream of becoming legal citizens of the United States.

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Cover image for Cinnamon Girl
Cinnamon Girl
by Juan Felipe Herrera
When the towers fall, New York City is blanketed by dust. On the Lower East Side, Yolanda, the Cinnamon Girl, makes her manda, her promise, to gather as much of it as she can. Maybe returning the dust to Ground Zero can comfort all the voices. Maybe it can help Uncle DJ open his eyes again.
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Cover image for Bullyville
by Francine Prose
My father was killed on 9/11.

Everybody in town knows we lost him forever when the North Tower collapsed.

What they
don't know is that he was gone long before that day.
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Cover image for The Usual Rules
The Usual Rules
by Joyce Maynard
Life suddenly changes for thirteen-year-old Wendy after the attack on the World Trade Center. Left without a mother, Wendy moves to California to live with her father, who she has only seen a few times.
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