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Celebrate The United States

Your kids can learn about America's birthday with these fiction and nonfiction reads honoring our history.
Cover image for The Declaration of Independence
The Declaration of Independence
by Thomas Jefferson Illustrated by Sam Fink

In The Declaration of Independence, children will discover the majestic words of our forefathers. The text of the Declaration is presented phrase by phrase, with each word precisely inscribed in large beautiful hand lettering.

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Cover image for Judy Moody Declares Independence
Judy Moody Declares Independence
Series: Judy Moody
by Megan McDonald Illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds

Hear ye! Hear ye! Everyone knows that Judy Moody has a mood for every occasion, and now a visit to Boston has put her in a revolutionary frame of mind Unfortunately, a protest for more allowance in the form of a Boston Tub Party only has her dad reading the riot act.

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Cover image for Don't Know Much About the Presidents
Don't Know Much About the Presidents
by Kenneth C. Davis Illustrated by Pedro Martin

Did George Washington really chop down the cherry tree? How was James Madison a father if he didn't have any children? Where in the White House did William Howard Taft get stuck?

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Cover image for Lily and Miss Liberty
Lily and Miss Liberty
by Carla Stevens Illustrated by Deborah Kogan Ray

It's 1885, and New York City is alive with excitement: the Statue of Liberty is arriving from France! Eight-year-old Lily agrees with her father that the statue is important as well as beautiful; it will send a wonderful message of welcome to the many immigrant families who come to the United States.

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Cover image for So You Want to Be President?
So You Want to Be President?
by Judith St. George Illustrated by David Small

All kinds of people have served as the President of the United States. That's a big job, and getting bigger. But why not? Presidents have come in just about every variety.

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Cover image for George Washington
George Washington
by Stephen Krensky
this biography of George Washington, readers learn how this modest man led the American Revolution and later became our first president.
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