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Get giggling with fun tales perfect for read alouds!
Cover image for Pirate Girl
Pirate Girl
Series: Pirate Girl
by Cornelia Funke Illustrated by Kirsten Mayer

Ferocious pirate Captain Firebeard THINKS that he and the ruthless crew of the "Horrible Haddock" rule the high seas. But Firebeard and his band meet their match when they kidnap a small but feisty girl named Molly.

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Cover image for I Love You, Stinky Face
I Love You, Stinky Face
by Lisa McCourt Illustrated by Cyd Moore

As a mother lovingly tucks her child into bed, the imaginative child has...just a few questions. For instance, "What if I were an alligator with big, sharp teeth that could bite your head off?"

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Cover image for The Dumb Bunnies Go to the Zoo
The Dumb Bunnies Go to the Zoo
Series: Dumb Bunnies
by Sue Denim Illustrated by Dav Pilkey

When the Dumb Bunnies visit the zoo they let all the animals out of their cages because they mistake a butterfly for an escaped lion.

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Cover image for Hi! Fly Guy
Hi! Fly Guy
Series: Fly Guy, Book #1
by Tedd Arnold Illustrated by Tedd Arnold
From bestselling author/illustrator Tedd Arnold comes the hilarious FLY GUY!

"A fly was flying. He was looking for something to eat. Something tasty. Something slimy. A boy was walking. He was looking for something to catch. Something smart. Something for The Amazing Pet Show."

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Cover image for On Top of Spaghetti
On Top of Spaghetti
by Paul Brett Johnson Illustrated by Paul Brett Johnson , Tom Glazer

On top of spaghetti
All covered with cheese
I lost my poor meatball
When somebody sneezed...

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Cover image for Smooch Your Pooch
Smooch Your Pooch
by Teddy Slater Illustrated by Arthur Howard

Funny and sweet, this rhyming ode to dogs reminds us to show our love every day — in small ways, in silly ways, in soft and warm and cuddly ways. With active, playful art that captures the fuzz and the motion in equal measure, this offering is sure to please children and puppies alike!

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Cover image for Silly Milly
Silly Milly
by Wendy Cheyette Lewison Illustrated by Nadine Bernard Westcott

This delightful, rhyming easy reader is one big riddle. Miss Milly likes green but not red, butter but not bread, seeds but not flowers, and umbrellas but not showers. Readers are invited to guess why Miss Milly likes what she does.

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