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Favorite Fairy Tales

Fairy tales are ideal bedtime stories for 3- to 5-year-olds. These books are a great way to enjoy classic stories like Goldilocks and Rapunzel.
Cover image for The Gingerbread Man
The Gingerbread Man
by Karen Lee Schmidt Illustrated by Karen Lee Schmidt
This hearty retelling of an old favorite is distinguished by chanting, rhythmic text and cheery, lively illustrations of the sassy, boastful Gingerbread Man who jumps from the oven he's baking in, and eludes a number of pursuers until he meets his match in a clever fox.
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Cover image for The Fairy Tale Book: Classic Tales from Childhood
The Fairy Tale Book: Classic Tales from Childhood
by Liz Scoggins Illustrated by Lisa Jackson

Once upon a time...children sat with great pleasure while their parents told them magical fairy tales. Reading stories aloud to children is still one of the best ways to spend time together and create lasting memories.

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The Ugly Duckling: Hans Christian Andersen Illustrated Fairytales
by Hans Christian Andersen , Lorinda B. Cauley Illustrated by Jerry Pinkney
 After an ugly duckling is teased by his family and friends, he spends his first winter alone.  With spring comes a marvelous surprise for the duckling. Illustrated by Jerry Pinkney, this version of the popular story is a Caldecott Honor Book.
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Cover image for Very Short Fairy Tales to Read Together
Very Short Fairy Tales to Read Together
by Mary Ann Hoberman Illustrated by Michael Emberley
Take Turns Reading About Favorite Fairy-Tale Characters with This Innovative Storybook

These eight rhyming two-page tales invite children to read along with a grown-up. Each playful verse is color-coded to indicate whether it is to be read by the adult, the child, or both.

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Cover image for Cinderella
by Hara Lewis Illustrated by Barbara Lanza
Cinderella is despised by her jealous stepmother and stepsisters, but, with the help of her Fairy Godmother, she meets a handsome prince and lives happily ever after. Children will love this 32-page easy reader that features Barbara Lanza's elegant watercolor illustrations.
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Cover image for The Three Little Pigs
The Three Little Pigs
by James Marshall Illustrated by James Marshall
Here is a hilarious retelling of the classic children's story "The Three Little Pigs" with cheerful animated illustrations.


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Cover image for Rumpelstiltskin
by Paul O. Zelinsky
This inventive and splendid retelling of a favorite tale of a girl who must trust a strange creature to help her spin straw into gold, features richly hued oil paintings that evoke a medieval world.
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Cover image for Rapunzel
by Paul O. Zelinsky
Surely among the most original and gifted of children's book illustrators, Paul O. Zelinsky has once again with unmatched emotional authority, control of space, and narrative capability brought forth a unique vision for an age-old tale.
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Cover image for Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast
by J. Elizabeth Mills Illustrated by Barbara Lanza
Beauty lives with her father and two older sisters until she is forced to live with the Beast. When the Beast allows Beauty to visit her family for a short time, he is in danger of dying. Beauty finally agrees to marry the Beast and hopes she can save his life.
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Cover image for Hansel and Gretel
Hansel and Gretel
by James Vance Marshall
Its realistic and touching illustrations add magic and mystery to this classic tale.
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