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Horse Books for Children

Is your child obsessed with horses? These children's books about racing and riding are perfect for horse-crazy kids.
Cover image for Foals in the Field
Foals in the Field
Series: Animal Ark, Book #24
by Ben M. Baglio Illustrated by Ann Baum , Jenny Gregory

When Mandy helps her father deliver twin foals at Drysdale Farm, she feels a special connection to them. Mandy then recruits workers to help Nick finish the improvements at Drysdale Farm to prevent it from being sold.

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Cover image for Misty of Chincoteague
Misty of Chincoteague
by Marguerite Henry Illustrated by Wesley Dennis

Paul and Maureen live with their grandparents on the Chesapeake island of Chincoteague. On the nearby island of Assateague lives a band of wild ponies, whose ancestors came to the New World on Spanish galleons centuries before.

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Cover image for Beauty
by Bill Wallace

Unhappy about his parents' split-up and his move with his mother to Grandpa's farm, eleven-year-old Luke found comfort in riding and caring for the horse named Beauty. She was an old horse, but she could still run like a champ. Granpa warned him to be careful with Beauty, but Luke didn't listen.

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Cover image for Misty’s Twilight
Misty’s Twilight
by Marguerite Henry Illustrated by Karen Haus Grandpre
"Misty's Twilight" is part thoroughbred, part Chincoteague pony, and one hundred percent fire and talent. A direct descendant of the most famous pony ever, Misty of Chincoteague, Twilight has greatness in her blood.
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Cover image for True-or-False Book of Horses, The
True-or-False Book of Horses, The
by Patricia Lauber Illustrated by Rosalyn Schanzer

Horses have been part of recorded history for 30,000 years but have been domesticated for only the last 6,000 years. Since then, people have learned many facts about these animals that have become such good friends to mankind.

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Cover image for The Winning Pony
The Winning Pony
by Jeanne Betancourt

In this story about loyalty and sportsmanship, Pam's new riding teacher encourages her to participate in an upcoming horse show. But Pam has already promised her time, and her horse, to her own student, Roslalie, on that day. Is winning more important to Pam than giving Rosalie a chance?

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Cover image for Black Beauty
Black Beauty
by Anna Sewell

Black Beauty's story, as told by himself, is the fascinating tale of the life of a horse a hundred years ago, when horses were a part of daily life.

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Cover image for National Velvet
National Velvet
by Enid Bagnold
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