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7 Ways to Promote Play and Prepare Your Toddler for School

Get your toddler ready for preschool with these 7 strategies.

Learning Benefits

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Problem Solving
Motor Skills
  1. Read and sing together. This will build her vocabulary, language, and communication skills.
  2. Count everything. Whether it's stairs, blocks, or candy, thinking about numbers will get him ready for math.
  3. Create art projects. Drawing with crayons, using safety scissors to cut paper, and creating collages with glue will make her comfortable with classroom tools.
  4. Encourage pouring. It may be messy, but pouring practice develops the coordination and control he'll need to write.
  5. Investigate the neighborhood. Go for walks and challenge her to remember a familiar route as an introduction to geography.
  6. Explore backyard insects and plants. Talk about what you see and he'll develop observation and early science skills.
  7. Design an obstacle course. Navigating her way through a simple maze of chairs and household items will not only develop her large motor skills and coordination, but increase her ability to problem-solve — a key concept for school success.

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