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School Friendships: Stay Connected Over Summer Break

It’s a LONG vacation. Here’s how to make sure your kids don’t lose touch with their class pals.

Learning Benefits

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Social Skills

1. Exchange info. 

School directories are great (if you can find yours) but they usually list only one phone number. Share alternative contacts with the parents of your kid’s pals by handing out calling cards. You and your child can DIY them or order from Or create a shared online calendar. That way you’ll all be on the same page when it comes to scheduling meetups.

2. Book a family field trip.

Get tickets with another family for an event. By locking into a specific time and place, you’ll firm up the commitment and give the kids something specific to look forward to. It doesn’t even have to be fancy: A minor-league baseball game, a family-friendly walkathon for a good cause, or a local concert are all ways for kids to have a blast together.

3. Invite friends to be pen pals.

There’s nothing like getting an old-fashioned letter or postcard. Encourage your cutie to get creative: Send artwork, puzzles, or Mad Libs back and forth. Or have him create his own postcard on It’ll get mailed for you the next day (how easy is that?). Bonus: A child who doesn’t like to write might be more willing to think up a few captions.

4. Plan a mini class reunion.

Throw a mid-summer bash with other classmates, like a BBQ party or a picnic at a park with a great playground. Set up a four-square board on the basketball court, organize a few games like leap-frog races or musical outdoor chairs (use rocks or playground equipment), and they’ll be good for hours!

5. Host a movie night.

Daytime playdates can be tricky with camp schedules. A movie night (at home or at the multiplex) can be an exciting way for kids to hang — plus it’s great for younger ones who aren’t ready for a sleepover. You can even show the flick 
in your backyard. You’ll need a DVD projector, speakers, and a screen, but you can rent them. Don’t forget the popcorn!

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