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5 Ways to Build Your Child's Self-Esteem

Want to raise a comfortable and confident child? Here’s how to get started.

Learning Benefits

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Attention and Focus
Self Control
  1. Provide Unconditional Love and Respect
    It's easier said than done, but when your child engages in behavior that bothers you, try to steer clear of scornful disapproval. When you act as patient and understanding as possible, you can discipline without damaging her self-esteem. 
  2. Show True Companionship When You're Together
    Whether you're playing, talking, or finishing chores, try to stay tuned in to your child. Even if your time together is limited, offering him your full attention will keep communication lines open and make him feel valued. 
  3. Approve and Delight in Who Your Child Is
    You want to encourage good behavior, but be aware of how your message is coming across. Showing her you respect her personality — whether she's talkative, shy, introspective, etc. — and forcing her to behave out of character may make her feel inadequate. Your positive approach will increase her self-confidence and adaptability. 
  4. Display Appropriate and Consistent Discipline
    Having clear limits will help your child learn to take responsibility for his actions. Try to choose your battles, keep your cool, and give him time to correct bad behavior before you punish him. 
  5. Share Your Insights and Empathy
    Your child may wish she were the opposite of who and what she is. Offering her explanations for her behavior may help her fix a problem. Also, your validation can help her appreciate her individuality.

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