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8 Ways to Create Space for a Home Library


Learning Benefits

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Help your child learn to love reading and respect books by making reading at home an important and enjoyable part of her life.

  • Choose an inviting, well-lit spot where you can store books and she can choose a story and snuggle up on a comfy pillow or beanbag. 
  • Keep books safely within his reach on low, sturdy shelves. 
  • Repair and preserve damaged or ripped books. 
  • Rotate the books on the shelves to keep choices fresh and inviting. 
  • Appeal to her taste with books, magazines, and catalogues about whatever fascinates her. 
  • Set up a book-lending system with other parents so kids can share favorite stories and discover new ones. 
  • Extend the experience by asking your child to discuss his reading, retell the story with puppets or props, or create artwork inspired by his book. 
  • Create your own books together and put them on your library shelves. It will boost her pride and she'll gain a respect for what goes into publishing a book.

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