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10 Gifts That Encourage Reading

Try these presents to promote a love for books.

Learning Benefits

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Reading Comprehension
  1. Comfy Chair. Before your child opens a book, she'll need a place for cozy reading! Look for a cushy chair to put in a well-lit corner of her bedroom. Then she'll have a place separate from her desk to read her favorite books.
  2. Boxed Set of Beloved Books. Does your child have a favorite series? Make sure he'll be able to read every word of the adventures by presenting him with a boxed set of books.
  3. Bookmark That Makes a Statement. A bookmark makes an ideal stocking stuffer. Bookstores now carry elaborate, character-decorated page-keepers, so choose one that features your child's favorite themes or friends.
  4. Mug Filled With Hugs. What could be better than snuggling up with a good book and a mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows? Make reading an inviting experience this season with a personalized mug.
  5. Crafty Coloring Books. Coloring books are another form of storytelling. Your child can use crayons or markers to render what's going on in the picture, which nurtures imagination.
  6. Word of the Day Calendar. Keep track of the date and improve vocabulary at the same time with a Word of the Day calendar.
  7. Lighten Up With a Lamp. Brighten your child's holiday! Invest in a practical yet punchy reading light for his bedroom.
  8. Magazine Subscription Surprise. Support your child's interests by giving a gift that will last for a whole year: a subscription to a magazine. With so many publications available on everything from sports, nature, fashion, current events, and more, it'll be a snap to find one that she'll look forward to every month.
  9. Personalized Journal or Diary. Add a fun writing pen, and unlock your child's imagination. Journals encourage personal writing and doodling, and help develop ideas and opinions.
  10. Boredom-Busting Activity Books. Exercise your child's brain with crossword puzzles, word finds, and MadLibs when he's stuck indoors during the blustery winter season. He'll improve his spelling, vocabulary, and interest in exploring books!

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