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9 Great Apps For Math: A Grade-by-Grade Guide

P&C tech expert Warren Buckleitner, Ph.D., editor of Children’s Technology Review, picks the best numbers apps for kids.

Learning Benefits

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Logic and Reasoning
Problem Solving
Technology Skills


Motion Math: Hungry Guppy

Kids have a hungry fish to feed! Just add the bubbles together and give ’em to your guppy. With the right answers, the fish grows larger and kids can move up as many as 15 levels.  

Motion Math Games, $4. For iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.


Montessori Numbers

Designed in France, this app helps children grasp the association between quantities and numerals and even introduces decimals along with addition and subtraction.  

L’Escapadou, $3. For iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Park Math

Children learn math concepts in a playground full of things to count. They’ll love “pushing” the rabbit in the “swing” as they count to 50.  

Duck Duck Moose, $2. For iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.




Motion Math Zoom

This app lets kids get a handle on abstract numbers through concrete objects — animals! They pinch and zoom their way through the number line.  

Motion Math Games, free or $6 for upgrade. For iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.


Playful Minds: Math

Kids hop from island to island to answer a new set of problems at each stop. There are 300 exercises and mini-games organized around concepts from algebra, geometry, and measurement.  

Gameloft, free. For iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.


Math to the Rescue!

Facing a disaster, such as a flood, fire, or earthquake, you must program your boat or truck to rescue people using a math equation. You are rewarded with an animated routine when you make the save.  

Blue Bear, $2. For iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.


Tick Bait’s Universe

Use a cute dog, Tick Bait, to zoom in and out of space by powers of 10. From the backyard, you can shoot up to the Milky Way or shrink down to get a glimpse of microscopic bacteria.  

You University Apps, $5. For iPad.


Math Doodles

Four hand-drawn math puzzles cover everything from angles and fractions to algebra and coins.  

Carstens Studios, $3. For iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.


Sushi Monster

This game turns your iPad or iPhone into a fast-paced addition and multiplication math-facts machine. Your job? Touch numbers that add up to the Sushi Monster’s sum before time runs out. The better you do, the harder it gets.  

Scholastic, free. For iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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