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Travel "Telephone"

This time-tested game is great when you're traveling with a group of kids.

Learning Benefits

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Memory and Memorization
Listening and Speaking
Following Directions

What you need:

  • Three or more kids in a car

What to do:

  1. Ask one of the children to think of a silly short story (three or four sentences at most).
  2. Have the child whisper the story to the next child, and the second child whisper it to the third. Continue in this manner until all children in the car have heard the story.
  3. The last child in the line repeats the story to an adult, and the adult relays the story out loud to the group. Have fun with it! Play up the silliness of whatever you have heard.
  4. Let the first child then tell his or her original story.
  5. After the children have had a good giggle, talk about how messages can get mixed up as they go from one person to the next. Discuss the importance of repeating back information to a caller during "real" phone conversations when there is a message that needs to be relayed.
  6. To vary the game and make it more challenging, turn up the radio a bit. Talk radio particularly ups the ante, as some of what the announcers say can end up in the kids' stories.


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