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5 Ways to Respond to Superhero Play

When your kids play superhero games, they are exploring different power roles. Follow these guidelines for safe play.

Learning Benefits

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Dramatic Play
  1. Play it safe. Set clear boundaries (for example, no hitting or leaping off the couch) to remind your child that safety comes first.  
  2. Monitor your child's television watching. Keep violent TV shows and films to a minimum and always talk with your child about what she has seen and how she feels about it.  
  3. Encourage open communication. Remind your child that talking things out is always the best way to solve a problem. Encourage him to ask you for help if he is feeling troubled.  
  4. Use art as therapy. If your child is using violent games to express anger or other negative feelings, show her that she can substitute creative projects or exercise instead. Pounding on clay or taking a run helps alleviate frustration.  
  5. Be a part of the play. If he'll allow it, become involved in your child's game to gain a better perspective on what he's feeling.

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