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Our Town

Perfect for play dates: Help kids work together to create a community.

Learning Benefits

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Problem Solving
Fine Motor Skills
Following Directions

What you need:

  • boxes of different sizes and shapes (cereal box, shoe box, oatmeal container, etc.) 
  • large piece of butcher paper 
  • art supplies, including paints, markers, pipe cleaners, tissue paper 
  • glue, tape 

What to do:

  1. Set out the art supplies, paper, and boxes. Encourage the children to decide what kind of place they want to build (a farm, a city, a small town) and what structures each of them will work on (a house, a barn, a school, and so on).
  2. The children can create a base for their creation by drawing streets, trees, and landscape features on the butcher paper. Then they can decorate the boxes to look like houses, barns, water towers, and other structures. They can use pipe cleaners and tissue to create trees and bushes.
  3. After the kids have glued the structures to their base, encourage them to talk about the place they made together. Who might live there? Together, they can create adventures for the inhabitants of their newly made locations.

Learning benefits: 

  • fosters creativity 
  • builds small-motor skills 
  • encourages problem-solving and teamwork

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