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Easy, Breezy Joy

Make the most of the season with our pretty and playful crafts.

Learning Benefits

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Fine Motor Skills
Hand-Eye Coordination

Simple Scarf Dress:


  • 2 silk or cotton scarves
  • needle and thread, sewing machine, or Steam-A-Seam (available at craft stores)
  • scissors
  • ribbon


Fold the top inch of each scarf down (like a hem) and sew or steam it in place to create a channel through which you can thread the ribbon later.
Place the scarves together with the channel at the top. Starting at the bottom, sew or steam the sides shut, leaving about 4 inches open at the top-these will be the armholes.
Turn the dress inside out, thread the ribbon in a loop through the channels like a collar, cinch, and tie a bow. Adjust as needed.


Sand Castle Sculpture:


  • 3 cups sand
  • 1 1⁄2 cups water
  • 1 1⁄2 cups cornstarch
  • old cooking pot
  • plastic cups, funnels, etc.
  • seashells


Mix the sand, water, and cornstarch together in the old pot over low heat, stirring until mixture is thick and starts to hold shape. (It will seem dry at first, then quickly turn wet.)
Remove from heat and allow to cool 1 to 2 minutes. For our castle, we made three batches of the mixture one at a time and then combined them-be ready, the mixture hardens quickly.
Shape your castle the way you would on the beach using a shovel, cups, funnels, and more.
Embellish with seashells and allow to fully harden at least overnight. A day and a half works great.


Funky Shell Creatures:


  • seashells
  • googly eyes
  • feathers
  • white glue (we love Sobo)


Glue the shells into any shape you like.
Embellish with googly eyes, feathers, and any other little items you might care to add.
Allow glue to dry.


Splendid Pinwheel:


  • square of craft or scrapbook paper
  • pencil and scissors
  • wire twist ties
  • plastic craft beads
  • stick


Trace an "X" across the paper connecting opposite corners.
Cut inward along the line at one corner, stopping an inch from the center. Repeat on remaining corners.
Form a twist tie "U" and thread a bead to the center.
Fold the right corner of each paper flap to the center and poke a hole through all with the pencil. Thread both tie ends through the hole and secure by twisting on another bead.
Twist remaining ends of tie around the end of a stick.


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