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What is Square?

What is Square?

by Rebecca Kai Dotlich Illustrated by Maria Ferrari

What things are square? Imaginative youngsters will be delighted at the rhyming answers such as "a cold cube of ice, caramels and crackers, a dishcloth, and dice!"

This simple concept book combines rhythmic text with bright, bold color photographs to demonstrate the many forms that "square" can take. A window, a waffle, a sugar cube, quilt blocks, buckles, boxes, a brownie, and a book are featured, as well as toys, computer disks, and some surprises, including a square button.

As in its companion book, What Is Round?, the composition of each colorful photograph is engaging, and the bouncing poem features pleasing alliteration, making it fun to read aloud. A final I Spy-style spread entices onlookers to point and identify, and to extend the fun to square-finding in the world around them.

3, 4, 5
Interest Level
Grades PreK - K
Lexile Measure
Guided Reading
Book Type
Easy Concept Book
Number of Pages
Informational Text

About the Author and Illustrator

Rebecca Kai Dotlich
Maria Ferrari Maria Ferrari has contributed photographs to Rebecca Kai Dotlich's "What Is Square?" and "What Is Round?"

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