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The Well Between the Worlds

The Well Between the Worlds

by Sam Llewellyn

Acclaimed author Sam Llewellyn brings to life an epic legend of magic and monsters.

Eleven-year-old Idris lives in Lyonesse, the noble island where King Arthur once resided with Merlin and his Knights of the Round Table. Yet thousands of years after the great king walked this country, it has become a place of shadows, where men hunt and capture the monsters that dwell in the dark depths of the sea. Under the reign of a corrupt ruler, Lyonesse is slowly drowning — and now the fate of the land and all it citizens depends on Idris.

Idris must escape from his home after being accused of being a cross between a human and a monster. He begins to feel pulled toward his destiny after working with monsters, training as a Knight, and meeting others who help him realize his true identity. Can one boy stop the wickedness that's been growing for centuries?

A magically woven tale, The Well Between the Worlds will have readers enchanted from the first page.

9, 10, 11, 12
Interest Level
Grades 4 - 7
Scholastic Inc.
Number of Pages
Fantasy, Myths and Legends

About the Author

Sam Llewellyn Sam Llewellyn is the author of many wonderful children's books. He also works as a journalist for British and American newspapers such as the London Times and Daily Telegraph.

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