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Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman

by Walt Whitman Illustrated by Jim Burke

This volume introduces young readers to Walt Whitman's most famous poems, including "On the Beach at Night," "The Runaway Slave," extracts from Leaves of Grass and "I Sing the Body Electric." It includes a biography of Whitman, reader's notes and difficult word definitions.

"An outstanding introduction to Whitman's life and work. A biographical sketch and a description of the time period...preface this collection of 26 poems and excerpts. Levin... introduces each selection with pertinent information about its relevance to a larger work, its relationship to Whitman's beliefs, or the symbolism within it... selections are thought provoking, descriptive, and full of emotion. Burke's pastel drawings add to the feelings...and to the emotional impact of each poem...This superb volume can be used to teach literature or to show a variety of poetic devices and style." — School Library Journal

"Perhaps the most ambitious attempt to bring poetry to children...includes selections from the poet's classic collection..." — Los Angeles Times

11, 12, 13
Interest Level
Grades 6 - 8
Guided Reading
Biography and Autobiography, Poetry, Songs, Verse

About the Author and Illustrator

Walt Whitman Walt Whitman gave the United States its first unique voice in poetry. He celebrated America and its people with a language and style not seen before.
Jim Burke Jim Burke is the author of three books in the Teacher's Essential Guide Series.

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