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The Three Billy-Goats Gruff

The Three Billy-Goats Gruff

by Scholastic Illustrated by Ellen Appleby

In this Norwegian folktale, three billy goats, each one a different size but all named "Gruff," are on a path to the top of a mountain. Their hike takes them to an old stone bridge, guarded by a great and ugly troll who tends to gobble up whomever crosses his path. The first billy-goat Gruff manages to get across the bridge without being eaten. The second Gruff does, too! Each convinces the troll that the next billy goat across the bridge will be even bigger than itself, and that if the troll has any kind of appetite, why not wait to gobble up the biggest Gruff of them all?

The greedy troll can hardly believe his luck and sure enough, when he sees the last, and biggest, billy-goat Gruff on his bridge, he roars, "Now I'm coming to gobble you up!" But the last and biggest Gruff is too big even for the troll. With his mighty horns and hooves he destroys the evil troll, and the three billy goats continue their journey to the top of the mountain.

Ellen Appleby's rendition of this traditional tale is highlighted with humorous cartoon illustrations of the billy goats, and the ferocious — and ferociously funny-looking — troll. Readers and listeners alike will delight in this classic story that describes what can happen when a person — or a troll — lets greed get the best of him.

5, 6
Interest Level
Grades K - 1
Guided Reading
Scholastic Inc.
Book Type
Cumulative Tale
Number of Pages
Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Fables, Classics

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Ellen Appleby

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