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Tell All the Children Our Story

Tell All the Children Our Story

by Tonya Bolden

In a warm, personal voice, Tonya Bolden explores what it has meant to be young and black in America.

From the first recorded birth of a black child in Jamestown, through the Revolution, the Civil War, Reconstruction, and the fight for civil rights, right on up to our own time, Bolden brings to light how black children have worked and played, suffered and rejoiced. She covers a range of lifestyles, social classes, attitudes, and perceptions to portray children in ever-evolving states of life.

Both unknown and celebrated children are included, from those remembered only from advertisements for the slave trade to those who would grow up to shape and make history, including Frederick Douglass, Benjamin Banneker, Sadie and Bessie Delany, Charles Johnson, and basketball legends Paula and Pamela McGee.

9, 10, 11, 12
Interest Level
Grades 4 - 7
Lexile Measure
HNA Books
Number of Pages
Biography and Autobiography, Informational Text

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