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Merry Christmas, Splat

Merry Christmas, Splat

by Rob Scotton Illustrated by Rob Scotton
It's the night before Christmas, and Splat has one question on his mind: Has he been good enough to deserve a really big present? His mouse friend, Seymour, thinks so, but his little sister isn't so sure. Worried, Splat decides to be extra good and help his mom get ready for Christmas. But the dishes he washes were already clean and the tree on which he hangs ornaments was already perfectly decorated.

In a last-ditch effort to prove his goodness, Splat tries to stay up all night so he can plead his case to Santa himself. Alas, his eyes start to droop, and he misses Santa's arrival. But when he awakes on Christmas morning, a wonderful surprise is waiting for him!

Series Information

Just like anyone, this fuzzy kitty can have an occasional case of the jitters. Whether he's starting school, rehearsing for a play, or trick-or-treating, Splat's nerves sometimes get the better of him. So what does he do? He relies on the support of his trusty companion, Seymour. Seymour may be small (he's a mouse, after all), but he's the biggest friend Splat could ask for. Together this adorable duo reminds readers, and each other, that kindness, encouragement, and laughter go a long way.

Available in both picture book and beginning reader formats, this series captivates kids with pop-off-the-page illustrations, lively characters, and relatable humor.
3, 4, 5, 6, 7
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Grades PreK - 2
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Comedy and Humor

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Rob Scotton
Rob Scotton

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