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Haunted Castle on Hallows Eve

Haunted Castle on Hallows Eve

Series: Magic Tree House, The (Book #30)
by Mary Pope Osborne Illustrated by Sal Murdocca

Once again, Merlin needs Jack and Annie's help. So the two time travelers will have to put off choosing their costumes for Halloween and return to Camelot for another important mission.

This time, Merlin wants them to put a duke's castle in order, or else the entire kingdom will be in danger. And they will need their special skills as Master Librarians and Magicians of Everyday Magic to succeed.

Put a duke's castle in order? What does that mean? Tidy up the place a little?

But this is no housecleaning mission. Merlin tells them that they will be entering the Tunnel of Fear if they agree to help.

Fear? Not Jack and Annie! So off they go to the duke's castle.

But there's something very weird going on inside. Doors are opening and closing by themselves. Chess pieces are moving across the board and no one's there to move them. And ghosts are roaming the hallways!

Have Jack and Annie just entered the Tunnel of Fear? Will they ever be coming back? What dark secrets lie ahead? Find out, in this goosebumpy page-turner.

Series Information

Jack and Annie lead a perfectly normal life. Perfectly normal, that is, until they come across an abandoned tree house with the power to whisk the kids away to different times and places!

Whether they're exploring the ancient pyramids of Egypt and helping out the ghost of an Egyptian queen, or crossing the Delaware with General George Washington, Jack and Annie are always ready for another adventure. More importantly, the facts they learn along the way always provide the keys to completing their quests. The siblings love to read up on any subject, whether it's to crack codes, solve riddles, or simply get out of scrapes.

And as readers follow along on each magical journey, they are introduced to all kinds of interesting information about different time periods, key historical figures, and various cultures and civilizations. With plenty of facts mixed in with tons of excitement, each book provides a great foundation of knowledge that supports future learning.

7, 8, 9
Interest Level
Grades 2 - 4
Grade Level Equivalent
Lexile Measure
Guided Reading
Random House Books for Young Readers
Number of Pages
Adventure, Fantasy

About the Author and Illustrator

Contributor Image Alt Tag Mary Pope Osborne As a children's book author, Mary Pope Osborne considers herself to be a professional daydreamer.
Sal Murdocca Sal Murdocca has illustrated over 200 children's trade and textbooks. He is also a librettist for a children's opera, a video artist, an avid runner, hiker, and bicyclist, and a teacher of children's illustration at the Parsons School of Design.

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