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The Doorbell Rang

The Doorbell Rang

by Pat Hutchins Illustrated by Pat Hutchins

Ma makes a batch of a dozen chocolate chip cookies for her children Victoria and Sam. Each child has six cookies. But when the doorbell rings and friends drop by, the cookies must be shared. The doorbell rings again, and again, and again...until there is only one cookie for each child. What happens if the doorbell rings again? Will the cookies be divided? Will Ma make more cookies? Or will a special visitor surprise everyone?

Author/illustrator Pat Hutchins has wonderfully rendered a diverse array of children in characteristically rich illustrations, and the excitement of the tale is enhanced with every ring of the doorbell. This lively tale of family love and cookies skillfully teaches youngsters some math basics, as well as the basics of sharing.

4, 5, 6
Interest Level
Grades PreK - 1
Book Type
Read-Aloud Book
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Jokes and Riddles

About the Author and Illustrator

Pat Hutchins
Pat Hutchins

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