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Dangerous Dinos

Dangerous Dinos

by Sarah Creese

Simple text and color photographs introduce young readers to various dinosaurs, providing information on their characteristics and behaviors.

Series Information

The "Ready to Read" series brings you exciting non-fiction titles for young readers that are designed to help develop confidence in young children learning to read.

Each title contains

• amazing facts
• bright photographic images with simple annotations
• a quiz
• a picture dictionary
• a key words section
• and ideas for parents to encourage and improve their child's reading.

Lenticular covers bring each subject to life. Children will love watching the bright and colorful images move before their eyes!

3, 4, 5, 6
Interest Level
Grades PreK - 1
Number of Pages
Informational Text

About the Author

Sarah Creese Sarah Creese is the author of "Mad About Triceratops, T Rex, Stegosaurus, and Other Dinosaurs."

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