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Cat's Colors

Cat's Colors

by Jane Cabrera Illustrated by Jane Cabrera

This joyful concept book is a playful feline invitation to learn colors or just celebrate them. "What is my favorite color?" asks Cat. "Why?" is the implied secondary question, and to help children find the answer, Cat proceeds to explain the wonder in every color in nature. "Is it Green? Green is the grass where I like to walk... Is it Blue? Blue is the sky where I chase the birds."

Each double-page spread features another hue in its background, in oils lovingly glopped on by Cabrera with all the infectious enthusiasm of a resolute finger-painter. Energetic Cat is an endearing narrator, who fairly bursts with the exciting secret that is the question's final answer: "Is it Orange? Yes! is the color of my mother."

5, 6, 7
Interest Level
Grades K - 2
Book Type
Easy Concept Book
Jokes and Riddles

About the Author and Illustrator

Jane Cabrera
Jane Cabrera

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