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Advancing Beginners

Advancing Beginners

Series: BOB Books
by Bobby Lynn Maslen, John R. Maslen Illustrated by John R. Maslen

Master Teacher Bobby Lynch Maslen originally hand wrote these phonics-based stories for the students in her own classroom. And soon teachers and parents everywhere were using them for their step-by-step phonics program, short satisfying stories, friendly black-and-white drawings, and small format that's just right for young children!

With engaging stories and clever illustrations, the BOB Books have led millions of kids into the world of reading. This new edition of the popular series is color coded to indicate reading level. Each story is carefully crafted to help children at different learning stages master essential reading skills.

Bob Books Set 2 continues to build reading skills. Use of three-letter words and consistent vowel sounds in slightly longer stories build confidence. Children love the hilarious (and sometimes mischievous) stories and pictures. Twelve books for beginning readers with longer stories using consistent sounds and sight words and incorporating primary three-letter words.

4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Interest Level
Grades PreK - 3
Scholastic Inc.

About the Authors and Illustrator

Bobby Lynn Maslen
John R. Maslen
John R. Maslen

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