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Welcome Fall With This Word Search Printable

Get excited for autumn with this free printable word search.
on September 25, 2017

It’s the season of crunchy leaves, delicious apple treats, and pumpkin carving. What’s not to love about fall? Today I'm sharing a printable word search full of words to get your child excited about the change of season. Word searches provide a fun and challenging way to revise the spelling and vocabulary meanings of a list of related words.

To get started, print a copy of the word search. Read through the list of words with your child, inviting her to share why she believes each word has been included on the autumn-themed list. Provide pens or highlighters for your child to use as she searches and finds the words, circling or highlighting each word as it is found. Words run across, down, and diagonally and may also overlap.

Once all of the words have been found you can invite your child to use the list of words to: 

  • Create a drawing featuring as many list words as she can and labeling each.
  • Write a story including all the words on the list.
  • Create a mini-definition (five words or less) for each word.
  • Write about her favorite fall family tradition.
  • Play hangman together using these words and any other fall-related words you can think of.
  • Head outdoors and collect some fallen leaves. With a marker, write one list word on each leaf for your very own word bank of fall words.

And, once you’re done, why not share these fall stories and autumnal tales with your young reader as well! 

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