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Rainy Day Activities

Try these 7 ideas for keeping kids entertained indoors while it's raining outside.
on April 10, 2015

"April showers bring May flowers," but these showers can also increase the need for indoor activities. Here are some ideas to keep the kids entertained inside while it's raining outside:

1.    Indoor obstacle course -- build a "laser" maze with string or yarn to foster creativity and movement.
2.    Play store -- a classic game that helps with math, imagination, interpersonal skills, and even negotiating skills (which you may later regret!)
3.    Dance parties -- fun ways to get the kids moving, perhaps even performing later for the whole family.
4.    Hide-and-seek -- another classic game to keep the kids occupied, assuming you have the space and a safe environment (make sure you avoid the kitchen and any cleaning supplies).
5.    Scrapbooking -- Rainy days are always a great time to break out the family clippings, artwork, and photos. It's fun for kids to review their past (not to mention seeing how their parents and older relatives "used to look"). If you still have boxes of old photos, this could be a good time to digitize them.
6.    Reading -- whether you favor digital readers or traditional books, there's no better way to stimulate kids' minds than through reading. For the younger kids, you can pull out the usual favorites. For the older ones, have a list ready or even better, let them choose!
7.    If you're still stuck inside this spring, can help keep your kids moving, learning, and entertained. Over 120,000 classrooms use our adventures to build active minds and healthy bodies, particularly during inclement weather. Besides the animated adventures around the world, the website includes Games & Activities to reinforce the learning from each episode.

How do you keep your kids entertained indoors on rainy days? Share your ideas on the Scholastic Parents Facebook page or find me on Twitter, @mrhattigan.

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