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Fraction-to-Decimal Conversions With a Fun Math Printable

Help your child master the tricky concept of how fractions and decimals relate to whole numbers.
on April 13, 2018

It may be hard for your child to see a fraction or a decimal as a number. Her entire young life, she's learned about whole numbers (one, four, 13, 298) and now she's expected to understand numbers that are part of a whole (1/2, 1.6, 3/8). Fractions and decimals are tricky concepts for children to comprehend. Many times, kids don’t understand that fractions and decimals are equal to each other, and are actual numbers on a number line. 

Help your math learner understand that fractions and decimals are equal numbers. Encourage him to find a fraction in the real world and talk about that number not only as a fraction but also a decimal. Talk about where these numbers fall on a number line and how they relate to whole numbers.  For example: “I see a sale for ¼ off the toy. That is also 0.25 of the total price. This is less than ½ .”

Practice this concept by matching the equivalent fraction and decimal on this printable. Encourage your child to talk about how she knows these numbers are equal. 

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