By now you’ve identified the reluctant readers in your class and are already working with them to help them become strong, independent readers. While there are a lot of strategies you can use to support your young readers on their reading journey, these 5 tips, tools, and resources from Scholastic will help all your students achieve reading success!

Plus, check out these 5 expert reading tips from Setting the Stage for Rock-Star Readers!

Integrate a variety of texts into your guided reading program.
One of the most important components of any effective guided reading program is having a variety of texts available to your students that not only help them develop core reading skills, but also cover subject matter your young readers are interested in. When assessing your guided reading program always dedicate time to reviewing the titles in your collections. Ask, will my students find this book interesting? Is it dated? Does this book connect to students in an engaging way? This way, you’ll know when it’s time to introduce new books to your guided reading program that really speak to your young readers!

Promote literacy outside the classroom.
Reading shouldn’t be an activity your students engage in only at school. They need to be reading at home, too! The best way to promote reading at home is by recommending books to parents so they can help their kids become strong, independent readers. Our Branches imprint is a great choice for newly independent readers and will help your students transition from leveled reading to traditional chapter books. Our Acorn line is specifically designed to meet the needs of early readers, and its books are perfect for boosting reading confidence and fluency.

Find out what other teachers and experts are doing.
Professional development books are an excellent resource to help you encourage your reluctant readers and ensure they develop the skills necessary for reading success. Striving to Thriving is the perfect tool to support you as you help your kids. Inside, you’ll learn how to use detailed formative assessments to personalize instruction and help your young readers discover the books they’ll fall in love with. You’ll also have ready-to-go lesson plans, the latest research, and teacher-approved routines to try out, all within easy reach!

Embrace graphic novels.
Graphic novels are a great way to motivate reluctant readers in middle school. This collection of action-packed graphic novels is filled with the humor, adventure, and drama your students crave, plus a visual story that will engage and entertain with each turn of the page! Before long, your students will develop the reading skills and confidence they need to lose themselves in the exciting world of traditional novels.

Give students what they want.
Giving students access to books you know they’ll love and can connect to is always going to be the most effective way to encourage reluctant readers. From popular series like Henry and Mudge to Refugee, this collection of 23 high-interest reads for reluctant readers will keep all your students glued to the inside of their book and will likely ensure a life-long love for reading, too!

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