Middle grade readers will find new motivation to read with this collection of exciting graphic novels. These engaging graphic titles — with great storylines and incredible supporting visuals — are ideal for both growing and voracious readers alike. 

Plus, these fun graphic novels are the perfect way to encourage students to dive into books for fun! The illustrated formats will be sure to keep students entertained and flipping pages all year long. 

For striving readers, graphic novels provide easy-to-follow visuals and introduce higher-range vocabulary that improve overall reading comprehension. Check out award-winning series like Dog Man, The Bad Guys, and The Baby-Sitters Club, all full of hilarious shenanigans and memorable characters. Plus, add top-selling favorites that your students will love — like Miles Morales: Stranger Tides and The Tryout — to your classroom library.

Packed with humor, adventure, relatable coming-of-age stories, and drama, these books share one significant feature: compelling (and often hilarious) visuals that draw readers into the stories while helping students struggling with language acquisition improve their reading development.

Explore our top graphic novels below! You can shop all graphic novels and much more at The Teacher Store.

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